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  • Great Wild Goose Pagoda

    Great Wild Goose Pagoda

    Great Wild Goose Pagoda, also known as “Pagoda in Ci'en Temple”, is located in Giant Ci'en Temple.

  • ​Longzhou Canyon

    ​Longzhou Canyon

    The Valley of Waves is a world of wonders, which is born out of sandstones cut and polished by millions of years of wind, water and time.

  • Famen Temple Scenic Spot of Buddhist Culture

    Famen Temple Scenic Spot of Buddhist Culture

    Famen Temple is a national key cultural relics protection unit. As an AAAAA scenic spot, it is located in Fufeng County of Baoji City.




Xi’an will build Terra-Cotta Warriors and Bronze Chariots and Horses Museum in 2017

To relieve the pressure on collective visiting and satisfy the demand of visitors to appreciate historic relics at a close range, the Terra-Cotta Warriors scenic spot will build a new museum for the exhibition of bronze chariots and horses in 2017.


Zhouzhi kiwi fruit of Shaanxi named the most influential Chinese landmark brand

At the 2016 Annual Conference of the China Fruit & Vegetable Industry on Quality Traceability System Construction, Zhouzhi kiwi fruit was listed among "2016 China Top 100 Landmark Fruit & Vegetable Brands" and "2016 Ten Most Influential Chinese Landmark Fruit & Vegetable Brands".


13 national AAAA tourist attractions added in Shaanxi

On December 9, the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of Tourist Resources Development Administration and Evaluation released an announcement unveiling 13 tourist attractions in Shaanxi applying for the status of national AAAA tourist attraction.

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