• The living fossil in food – Pebble Bread

    Pebble Bread is a very old traditional snack in local Shaanxi. It is made of good-quality flour and added with cooking oil and salt (sugar).

  • Qishan Rolled Dough

    Rolled Dough is a very traditional snack in local Shaanxi. The Rolled Dough in Baoji is especially the best. In 2011, Qishan Rolled Dough in Baoji was recognized as a famous snack in China.

  • Osmanthus Cake

    Osmanthus Cake uses sticky rice and sweet-scented osmanthus as ingredients that are steamed with candied dates paved on it.

  • Geda Noodle

    Standard ingredients of Geda Noodle include three-Geda noodle, a small bowl of diced meat, a small bowl of sour soup and a small saucer of chili oil.