• Time-honoured Xi'an food - Xi'an Roast Duck Restaurant

    Xi'an Roast Duck Restaurant was founded in 1916. In 1979, it was replaced and turned into the first roast duck restaurant in northwest China, famous for its "369" roast duck with unique "roasting outside and cooking inside” skill.

  • Time-honored Xi'an Restaurant

    Founded in 1929, Xi'an Restaurant is a world-renowned and time-honored Chinese restaurant. Known for a great concentration of Shaanxi-flavored food, it makes the first intangible cultural heritage lists of Shaanxi and Xi'an.

  • Time-honoured Xi'an food - Liu Jixiao Cured Beef and Mutton

    The Liu Jixiao Cured Beef and Mutton store on Xi'an Muslim Street dates back to 1859, which has a history of about 150 years, with three generations of development. Right now it is the third generation successor.

  • Time-honored Xi'an food - Fan's Wax Juice Meat

    Fan's Wax Juice Meat was founded in the Emperor Guangxu years (1904) of the late Qing Dynasty, with more than one hundred years of history.