• Mutton in Water Basin

    Mutton in Water Basin: The main materials are mutton and purpose-made fresh soup,with vermicelli, garlic sprouts, caraway etc as supplemental ingredients. When Shaanxi people eat Mutton in Water Basin, they often eat it together with White Jimo (a local bread) or Guokui (a local pie).

  • Go to Ancient Town Chongquan to Taste Shaanxi Cates

    Ancient town Chongquan is situated in Sun Town New Area of Pucheng County of Weinan City of Shaanxi Province. The ancient-flavored buildings of the Tang Dynasty style plus the simon-pure Shaanxi folk cates here can take you into the prosperous era of Great Tang.

  • Master Chef Tells You How to Make and Eat Mutton Soup with Bun

    Mouthful Soup: It is an ordinary way of eating. After eating, there is only one mouthful of soup left at the bowl bottom, hence, it is called “Mouthful Soup”.