Latest Activities

  • The Opening Ceremony of the 6th Baoji Cultural Tourism Festival was held in Jiulong Mountain scenic area on April 28.

  • On April 23, many hot-air balloons were seen flying in the air in Bailuyuan in Baqiao of Xi’an, thus kicking off the 2017 Xi’an Hot-air Balloon Carnival. These balloons presented different forms, e.g., clown of Germany, flame of Netherlands, frog of UK, orange of Belgium, Bobo lobster of Scotland and Clown Brono of Czech, etc.

  • The event, held at the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, attracted more than 30 kite masters from 16 countries and regions.

  • On the evening of April 21, 2017, Shaanxi Xi’an White Deer Plain•Bailucang 1st Hot-air Balloon Carnival “GO FIRE” Road Show started at Zhongxiao Plaza of White Deer Plain•Bailucang Scenic Area, which marked the start of 2017 Xi’an White Deer Plain•Bailucang 1st Hot-air Balloon Carnival!