Latest Activities

  • The 2nd campaign in the theme of "Meeting a Different Qinling" was carried out in Ox Back National Forest Park of Zhashui County.Journalists from tens of mainstream mass media agencies came here, to explore a different Qinling.

  • On July 19,"Meeting a Different Qinling" series campaign was started up in Xi'an. Some international friends from America, India, Jordan, Namibia etc, who are studying or living in Xi'an, mounted Taibai Mountain, using foreigners' visual angle to discover a different beauty of Qinling Mountain Range.

  • This festival took "Romantic Love Tour in the Most Beautiful Tang Palace" as the theme, used a series of activities such as the Tang Palace Wedding, to let the 77 couples of lovers from China and abroad and more than ten thousand tourists spend a Chinese Valentine Day with a strong "Tang Dynasty Flavor" together in Huaqing Palace.