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National Treasure --Green-glazed Refilling Pot with Handle of the Five Dynasties Era

The Green-glazed Refilling Pot with Handle, a cultural relic dating back to the Five Dynasties era, was unearthed in Binxian County of Shaanxi Province in 1968, with a height of 18.3 cm, a middle diameter of 14.3 cm and a bottom diameter of 8.7cm. It is currently collected by Shaanxi History Museum as one of its top ten collections.

The lid is integral from the body part of the teapot. With a phoenix-shape handle and a lion-head-shaped spout, the teapot looks fresh and lively. The middle part of the teapot is engraved with four blooming peony flowers. The engraving is sharp and sleek, giving rise to a richly decorative effect. At the center of the pot bottom there is a plum-shaped water inlet and insider the pot there is a column separated from water. When the water is filled, the pot is placed upside down, and when it gets full, the pot is placed upright. Not a drop of water will leak. With its bright and smooth glaze, unique design, rigorous composition and exquisite pattern, the pot is a representative work of Yaozhou Kiln.

When Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi visited Xi’an on May 14, 2015, the state leader gave him a refilling pot from Huangbao Yaozhou Kiln Ceramics Company as a national gift.