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Precious giant pandas at Foping Panda Valley Scenic Spot

Situated 20 kilometers north of downtown Foping County, Shaanxi Province, the Panda Valley lies between the Qinling Mountains Giant Panda Corridor and the Guanyin Mountain Nature Reserve, where precious wildlife and wild plants abound.

The Qinling Mountains is the northernmost region in China where the giant panda still lives in large numbers, and enjoys the higher population density than anywhere else in China when it comes to giant pandas. The Qinling Mountains giant panda is a subspecies of the giant panda and named as the Qinling panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis). The Qinling panda is bulky and fat like a bear and has a round head and short tail; it is 1,200 to 1,800 mm long from head to foot and its tail is 100 to 120 mm long. The Qinling panda is normally 80 to 120 kg in weight, but sometimes some individuals may reach 180 kg; Qinling pandas raised in captivity are slightly heavier than those living in the wild, and male Qinling pandas are slightly larger than their female counterparts. The Qinling panda has on its lower belly hair which is black at the tips but white on the shafts; it has dark brown hair on its chest and brown hair on its belly, while its hair on the belly is brown at the tips but white on the shafts; because its nose is one-fifth shorter than that of the Sichuan panda, the Qinling panda seems to have a rounder face than the Sichuan panda, which is the most obvious difference in appearance between the two panda subspecies; because the Qinling panda is more beautiful and more funny, many people refer to it as the "Beauty among the National Treasure."

The latest national census conducted of the giant panda shows that there are only 345 giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains within the boundaries of Shaanxi (excluding animals younger than 1 year). The Qinling panda as a subspecies of the giant panda is stable and vigorous as a whole; its population density is 0.096 per kilometer, higher than anywhere in the country.

On April 1, 2017, a female giant panda and her baby were spotted moving about in the pristine forest in Daguping Village, Yueba Town, Foping County, Shaanxi Province. While going on a photographing trip, the reporter luckily captured on film rare moments of happiness as a Qinling mother panda nursed her baby and played with each other.