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China's largest Danxia geological landscape belt discovered in Shaanxi

In 2017, the Shaanxi Institute of Geographical Survey discovered a large-scale Danxia landform site in northern Shaanxi and Weibei. It was identified as China's largest Danxia geological site known.

With a north-south length of some 750 kilometers, a west-east width of 10 to 70 kilometers and an outcrop area of more than 4,000 square kilometers, the Danxia landform landscape belt covers Ganquan, Zhidan and Ansai of Yan'an, Jingbian, Shenmu and Fugu of Yulin, as well as Zhaojin of Tongchuan, Xunyi of Xianyang and Chencang of Baoji. The whole belt is shaped like "S" from north to south to form a red geographical landscape belt on the Loess Plateau.