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Remains of the Great Wall in Jingbian County in Shaanxi

Jingbian County is located in Yulin, Shaanxi. As it is on the northernmost tip of Shaanxi, the county was a border area in different periods of history. Hence abundant remains of the Great Wall have been left in the county. In the county tourists can visit remains of the Great Wall in two dynasties of Qin and Ming, which stretch tens of kilometers in several villages and towns.

The existing castle ruins mainly include ruins of Youzhou City, Huanghua City, Longzhou Fortress, Zhenjing Fortress, Qingping Fortress, Zhenluo Fortress, Ningzhaiying Fortress, Xincheng City, Lijia City, Ximentai City, Luzi Pass, and Yandunshan Beacon Tower. The well-preserved remains of the Great Wall include remains of the Great Wall of Wutai section on the national road 307 and the Great Wall in Zhenjing Town in the Ming Dynasty.