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The first Chinese city in its true sense – Fenghao Sites

Fengjing and Haojing were combined together and called “Fenghao.” As the capital city of the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was the first city in history that had ever been called “capital.” It was also the earliest city in China. It was used for nearly 300 years as the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty. It was also called “Zong Zhou.” It is located in Chang’an District of the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. The Zhou Dynasty used to be a very powerful nation that united China together. 

Fenghao used to be a very grand city with a tidy layout in Chinese history, thus pioneering a square and tidy, capacious, and grand plane layout of Chinese cities. It also set up a set of general regulations for the plane layout for Chinese cities, thus becoming a model for the overall layout of cities in later times. Fengjing and Haojing was not only the first Chinese city in its true sense but also the birthplace of the rites of Zhou.  

Fenghao Site is located along both sides of the Fenghe River near Mawang Town and Doumen Town of Chang’an District in the city of Xi’an, with Feng on the west side of the river and Hao east. Archaeology has already basically identified the site of the city and its area. Through multi-disciplinary precise location, archaeologists have already confirmed that the area of the Fenghao Site is nearly 17 square kilometers, which makes it a very gargantuan capital site. 

Historical values

More than 400 tombs and buried chariot and horse pits, horse pits, and cattle pits were discovered at the Fenghao Site, along with multiple cellars with bronze wares buried in them, the number of bronze wares being nearly 100. Those bronze wares were very exquisite and beautiful, with some important historical facts about the Western Zhou Dynasty and surrounding countries inscribed on them. With very important historical values, they provide us with very important material data for fully understanding the society and cultures during the Western Zhou period. 

Fenghao Site is one of the first batches of major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level. 

Location: 10 Fengjing Middle Road, Mawang Town, Chang’an Distrct, Xi’an

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 ~ 17:00