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Royal temple – Daxingshan Temple

Daxingshan Temple used to be a royal temple during the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It was the ancestral chamber of Vajrayana, one of the “Eight Buddhist Schools” in China. It was originally built during the period of Emperor Jinwudi Sima Yan to Taikang years (265 – 289). It was first called Zunshan Temple. During the 2nd year of Emperor Wen during the Sui Dynasty (582), Daxingcheng was built by the order of the emperor. The temple was moved to the new capital and named state temple. 

During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Buddhism was very popular in Chang’an. Monks, who came from India to do missionary work and study, translated Buddhist texts and taught script ures in the temple, therefore, Daxingshan Temple, became one of the three places for translation of Buddhist texts. It is also a very memorable place in the history of China-India cultural exchange. On May 14, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping accompanied Prime Minister Narenda Modi of India to visit the temple. 

Daxingshan Temple is a very ancient temple with domestic and international influence. In 1983, it was named one of the national key open temples by the State Council. 

Address: 55 Xingshansi West Street, Xi’an City, Shaanxi 

Traffic: Take a bus in Xi’an to get off at “Xiaozhai” or “Chang An Li Jiao” stop. Take Subway Line 2 to get off at “Xiaozhai” Station.