Red Tourism

Red Holy Land of Nanniwan

Nanniwan, one of Yanan tourism attractions, locates in circular tour of Xi’an- Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor- Yanan - Nanniwan - Hukou Falls of Yellow River - Xi 'an in Shannxi province. 

Nanniwan is not just an important part of Yanan spirit (core of which is self-reliance and strive to be strong) but also the birthplace of China's agriculture, presently the key cultural relics protection units of Shaanxi province. 

In 1933, leader of communist party of China, Mao Zedong proposed that “Let's produce ample food and clothing with our own hands.” to mobilize people in the revolutionary base area to carry out production campaigns when blockaded by enemies. In 1941, under the leadership of Wang Zhen, the brigade commander of 359 Brigade, 120 Division, the Eighth Route Army, they stared the famous production campaigns to meet the needs of materials supply of the base.

There are Nanniwan Production Campaigns Memorial Hall, Former Residence of Mao Zedong, Headquarters Site of 359 Brigade, Artillery School Site of the Eighth Route Army, the large terraces of the land reclamation and other attractions in Nanniwan.

Transportation: take bus in Yanan city.