Red Tourism

Teacher Claudio's Trip to Yan'an

Claudio who was originally from South Africa is now working as a foreign teacher in Xi’an. He was our invited guest to Yan’an. “I love travel, that’s why I am in China” said Claudio.

Claudio changed to the Red Army uniform on Baota Mountain, which located in the center of Yan’an city. “When I came to China, I didn’t know much about Yan’an”, he said.

Claudio visited Zaoyuan and Yangjialing revolutionary sites, which were both the residence of the central committee of the communist party.

Ansai drum was one of the most ancient folk art in Yan’an area. Claudio asked a professional to teach him to play the drum.

The last stop of his Yan’an trip, Claudio went to Huanglong National Forest Park. It is not easy to imagine such a huge area of forest on the yellow earth plateau.