Folk Tourism

Shadow Play

Shadow Play, also known as the Light-silhouette Show, is named after an ancient storytelling form where cut-out leather-made figures are held between a source of light and a translucent screen for play performing. It originated in the Han Dynasty, shaped up in the Song Dynasty, excelled in the Tang and Song Dynasties, prevailed in the Ming and Tang Dynasties and has been popular since then. When performing, artists maneuver the puppets behind the white screen while tell stories in the tune which is popular in the area accompanied by percussion and string instruments. The performance is immersed in rich local flavor. Shadow play is popular in a wide range and a variety of this artistic performance is formed with distinctive singing tunes in different areas among which Shaanxi Hua County Shadow Play is the most renowned and has been listed in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Located in central Shaanxi, Hua County is the birthplace of Shadow Play. There are four unique skills of the art form. 1. Delicate cut-out leather-made figures; 2. Excellent art of the player; 3. Exquisite performing art; 4. Long-standing and profound Hua County Shadow Play and professionally proficient, comprehensive and artistic merits. It is renowned as the peak of perfection of Chinese opera.