Folk Tourism

Open Migration Eco-museum - Ancient Terrace Migration Eco-museum

Shaanxi Hanyin Fengyan Ancient Terrace Migration Eco-museum is located at the southern foot of Fenghuangshan Mountain within the border of Xuanwo Town of Hanyin County in the city of Ankang on the south of Shaanxi Province and along the upper and middle reach of the Han River. As an open eco-museum, it protects and exhibits original production and lifestyle and tourism, which “is based on natural mountains and water, puts the terrace on display, is themed on migration and farming, and is supplemented by folk culture.” It is the first open migration eco-museum in China.

Shaanxi Hanyin Fengyan Ancient Terrace Migration Eco-museum covers an area of 11.5 square kilometers, with the area of the scenic area being 38.78 square kilometers. The area has 12,000 mu terrace and relatively well-preserved 20 ancient residential compounds or more, over 20 ancient fortresses, and a great number of ditches and small reservoirs, which the family of Wu reclaimed. This family migrated here from Changsha, Hunan Province, during the Qianlong period of Qing dynasty. The terrace was built alongside the mountains. It has an area of over 12,000 mu and about 200 steps, with each step being 3-15 meters wide and the highest place being more than 600 meters at its maximum. The terrace is irrigated from 4 creeks, with the water running all year round. By far, it is the terrace that has the biggest area ever discovered in north China.

The terrace has very beautiful natural mountains and water, with “mountains, water, fortresses, forest, residences, fields, gardens, and roads” in harmony and unity to show a very sound agricultural and ecological system in the form of forest – stockaded villages – terrace – rivers and lakes, as well as unique terrace cultural landscape, which contains ancient cultural genes of harmonious development between nature and mankind, as well as harmony between human beings.