Folk Tourism

Overview of Folk Activities for “Having a Joyful Lunar New Year” in Mizhi County

Exciting folk activities, such as beating the waist drum, doing the yangko and carrying a bridal sedan chair, were held in Mizhi County, Yulin, Shaanxi.

Mizhi County is a culture enriched area in Northern Shaanxi, containing abundant folk customs.

Beating the waist drum, the folk dance with Chinese features, has become an essential program in doing the yangko during the Spring Festival in Shaanxi. Carrying the bridal sedan chair is a local recreational activity. Performers present the local marriage custom using exaggerated, humorous body movements.

“Having a joyful Lunar New Year” is about the Spring Festival in Chinese lunar calendar, a period from the day after the New Year’s Day to the Lantern Festival. Chinese people say it to celebrate the Spring Festival joyfully.

The Spring Festival is the best time for tourists to appreciate various folk customs in China.