Rural Tourism

The most beautiful village deep in Qinling Mountains: Zhouzhi Old County

The Old County, with its old name Foyeping, was founded in 5th year of Daoguang of Qing Dynasty (1825). The reason why “the Old Country” is that it’s the old site of Foping County, while, it is now a National Nature Reserve under the administration of Houzhenzi Township, Zhouzhi County, Xi’an City.

The cultural landscape includes The Vestiges of Ancient Wall, Confucius’ Temple, Baiyun Pagoda, Sanlongzhu Stone Carving, Old Monumental Stone, Old Spruce from Tang Dynasty, as well as Dudumen Remains, Tai Bai Temple, Yao Wang Dong and etc. at adjacent area.

Currently, The Old County, with residents from only 20 to 30 households, become famous titled like “Xi’an Back Garden”, “Shangri-La in North” and “Xi’anese farthest from Bell Tower” because of a novel of “OLD COUNTY” wrote by Ye Guangqin.

Address:  In Zhouzhi County of Southwest Xi’an, over 300km from Xi’an.

Route: take the bus from Xi’an Shuisi Bus Station, heading to Zhouzhi, Mazhao, Yabo,Meixian, and two hours later you can arrive at the Zhouzhi County Bus Station.

In Zhouzhi County Bus Station, Take the shuttle bus from Zhouzhi to Houzhenzi. But the bus only runs one trip per day at around 9:00, but maybe second or third bus during holiday at around 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00.