Rural Tourism

New tourist attraction in Weibei---Zhongquan Ancient City

Located in Sunzhen New Area, Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, Zhongquan Ancient City is a unique riverside ancient city in Weibei.

Zhongquan, an old name for Pucheng Country, has more than 2400 years of history. As a production of cultural blending between the east and west of Central Shaanxi Plain, it links up the food culture to folk customs in Central Shaanxi Plain and acts in cooperation with Ma Wei Yi Folk Custom Village, a national “AAAA-Class” tourist attraction in Xingping City of Xiangyang. It opens to the public in January of 2016.

15km away from Pucheng County at its west, and 120km to Xi’an along Xiyu Highway, Sunzhen is the birthplace of the patriotic general-Yanghucheng.