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The world's largest rice field art Cai Lun image born in Hanzhong, Shaanxi

"Bust image of Cai Lun on Yang County Longting Pastoral Complex Rice Field Art Landscape is the world's largest rice field art Cai Lun image," on July 30, the world record onsite Auditor Ya Jie announced in Yang County, Hanzhong City.

The rice field art Cai Lun image certified this time occupies a land area of 11,948 square meters, and is one part of Yang County Longting Pastoral Complex Rice Field Art Landscape. The whole landscape is located nearby Cai Lun tomb and temple, Longting Village, Longting Town, including the bust of Cai Lun, paper making technology drawing and cartoon images of Qinling Four Treasures: Crested Ibis, Giant Panda, Golden Monkey, and Takin. When rice is grown, people outline the pattern profile in the paddy fields, and then plant the rice according to 5 rice leave colors, red, black, green, yellow and white. After 3 months of natural growth, the rice field forms the final 3D pattern.

Cai Lun (A.D. 61?--A.D.121), is the inventor of paper making technology, one of China's Four Great Inventions.

Cai Lun Tomb and Sacrifice Temple are located in Longting Town, Yang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, and is currently the provincial key cultural relics protection unit. Inside the temple, ancient cypress grows high towering the temple, and the temple buildings are lined up closely, along with bristling stelae. On the door of the main hall is hung the plaque with Tang Dynasty Dezong Emperor's imperial handwriting "Cai Hou Shrine".

On the west side of Cai Lun tomb there is Cai Lun Paper Culture Museum, China's first Cai Lun Paper Culture Museum.