Rural Tourism

Chengjiachuan Village, Binxian County – A Chinese Traditional Village

Chengjiachuan Village, an ancient village, is located in a deep and secluded valley in the east of Binxian County, Xianyang City. Here is a famous longevity village - the villagers’ average life span is 87 years old and the oldest person in the history was 113 years old. The village was included in the list of “Chinese Traditional Villages” in 2016.

Chengjiachuan Ancient Dwellings are the best-preserved, largest and the only remaining ancient dwellings. These existing dwellings have 19 houses, including 96 principal rooms and 114 wing rooms. In the form of traditional quadrangle courtyard, the ancient dwellings have a closed structure, with part of which being part being the second-courtyard three-line houses. Taking quadrangle courtyard as a unit, courtyards are linked together and spread from left to right along the central axis, forming a large building group. With exquisite ornaments like girder, architrave, hoist, bracket and arch, these ancient dwellings conserve profound cultural atmosphere and solemn beauty.


Transport: Take a passenger car at Xi’an Chengxi Passenger Station or at Xianyang Bus Station to get off at Binxian County, and then take the passenger car heading for Xiangmiao Town and get off at Chengjiachuan Station.