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The most beautiful old street – Huilongchang in Qingmuchuan Town

Huilongchang is located at the famous historical and culture town of China, that is, the ancient Qingmuchuan Town that is one of the first batches of special towns in China. It is one of the seventh batches of cultural relic protection sites at the national level. 

Huilongchang is a very old street in Qingmuchuan Town. Near the mountains and by the rivers, it is like a giant Chinese dragon, thus having such a name because of it. Huilongchang originated from the Ming Dynasty, was formed during the mid-Qing Dynasty, and flourished during the 1940s. It used to be the most famous place for commercial and cultural exchange at the border-region of Shaanxi, Gansu, and Sichuan provinces. 

From 1924 to 1949, Huilongchang was a very busy marketplace. It was lined with tobacco houses, teahouses, hotels, restaurants, and so on. It had everything that one expected to find. It was crowded with countless businessmen. Famous Tang Shi Sheng, Fu You She Society, Furen Theatre, Rong Sheng Kui, Rong Sheng Chang and other such commercial and cultural organizations could all be found along the street. 

The existing buildings of Huilongchang were mainly in the form during the era of the Republic of China, but it also has the style of the Qing Dynasty. The buildings along the entire street are mostly equipped with carved beams and painted rafters, making them very richly ornamented buildings, with places for senior people to entertain themselves and have discussions with one another. There are also buildings off the ground, like a land boat, or of both Western and Chinese styles. There are right now 123 families living on the street, with the number of rooms facing the street being 253. Behind the rooms facing the street are mostly courtyards of two levels. A firewall stands at the intervals of the buildings along both sides of the entire street. Inside each courtyard is a “Taiping Pool” for water storage.    

The entire street is paved with quartzite. 

Location: Qingmuchuan Town, Ningqiang County, Shaanxi Province
Traffic: In Xi’an, you can take trains directly going to Sichuan and get off at Yangpingguan Station. Then, you transfer to a long-distance coach from Yangpingguan Station to Qingmuchuan Town. 

There are coaches in the city of Hanzhong available go directly to Qingmuchuan Town.