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Large-scale Shaanxi opera documentary theatre - "Yi Sushe"

Yi Sushe is the Xi’an Qinqiang theatre’s large Qinqiang opera documentary drama in 2016. Since the founding of the new China, it is the first Qinqiang drama of fiction character to express the true historical details of Yi Sushe.

Yi Sushe used the western literature narrative method, through the character Guan Zhenyi’s talk, the drama told a story about how the heroine Lin Mengyun followed Yi Sushe over 30 years, finally became the first Qinqiang actress and combined the important historical events of Yi Sushe. With careful selection of posters, Yi Sushe rules, historical newspapers and multimedia display, it tells the 37 years old history of the founding of Yi Sushe to the early liberation, expressed the heroic spirit and dedication of the Yi Sushe folks in the history.

Xi'an Yi Sushe was founded on August 12, 1912, is by far one of the most ancient China opera performance art groups included drama education, drama creation and stage performance.