Rural Tourism

Characteristic town in the central Shaanxi Plain - Fucha Town

Fucha Town is located in Jinhe New City of Xianyang in Shaanxi. Many tourists have loved it since it was opened in August 2015. Lots of people have come from different places to visit it everyday. Quaint buildings of the central Shaanxi Plain, characteristic stores nearby the river, all kinds of local food, production process of ancient and mysterious fu brick tea…all fascinate them a lot.

Fu brick tea has a history of nearly one thousand years. It started in Song dynasty and became popular in Ming and Qing dynasties and the Republican period. Fu tea (loose tea) started in Jin in Northern Song dynasty, around Shenzong Xining years (1068-1077) and ripened in the early years of Hongwu of the Ming dynasty (1368). It has played an important role in integration, cultural heritage, and international communication through the ages.

It is still shipped to Xinjiang, Qinghai in northwest China, and other countries and regions in central and west Asia through the ancient Silk Road constantly in modern times.

Transportation: Take bus from Xi'an – Jinyang (Fucha Town) in north city bus station