Biángbiáng Noodles

Biángbiáng Noodles are a type of very traditional delicious cooked wheaten food in central Shaanxi. It is named after the sound of “biang, biang” during its production process. It refers in particular to the flour made of wheat in central Shaanxi. The flour is manually stretched into long and wide noodle. It is exquisitely made of top-quality flour. The noodle soup is added with soybean sauce, vinegar, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash and other such seasonings. The noodle is put into the seasoned soup and then cooked and hot vegetable cooking oil is poured onto it.

The combination of Biang Biang summarizes local features of Biángbiáng Noodles. Those who eat the noodles can experience the hard work done by those who make the noodles as well as the personality of Shaanxi people. The noodle is wide and long with angles, meaning that Shaanxi people are straightforward faced with ups and downs in life. It introduces the food culture that Shaanxi people are proud of.

One of the Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi refers to this type of noodle is in the shape of a waist belt.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping hosts a family banquet to entertain guests, this bowl of noodle is usually on the dinner table.