“Famous pastry of the Western Han Dynasty” – Fuping Queen Mother's Cake

Fuping Queen Mother’s Cake, according to legend that Liu Heng, Emperor Wen of the Western Han Dynasty built the capital city in Chang’an (today’s Xi’an). His grandmother lived in Huade County (today’s Fuping County). Emperor Wen’s mother often went from Chang’an to the county for a visit to her mother. The accompanying royal chef taught the skills of making hotcakes to local villagers. From then on, hotcakes from the royal palace were passed on among the people, hence the name “Queen Mother’s Cake.” Fuping Queen Mother’s Cake has become a traditional food from Shaanxi and also a famous pastry at hotels and restaurants that receive foreign visitors.

The production skills of Fuping Queen Mother’s Cake have already been listed in the Shaanxi Non-material Cultural Heritage List.