Meatball Soup in Exquisite Shape -- a famous dish of Shaanxi Official Cuisine

Shaanxi Official Cuisine thrives in Han and Tang dynasties and heritages till today.

The shape of Shaanxi Official Cuisines is not just delicacies but also artworks, each dish calls for its own shape and taste, each container calls for magnificence and elegance. It refers to the rich culture of tradition, because of its profound cultural connotation. Shaanxi Official Cuisine has been listed as part of Shaanxi's intangible cultural heritage.

Meatball Soup in Exquisite Shape

Main materials: Fish, shrimps, pork, stock

Ingredients and flavorings: Crab roe, honey beans, sea cucumber, fish maw, baby choy sum, salt, cooking wine, egg whites, starch, pepper, garlic, shallot and so on.

Mix up the chopped material and boiled eggs, mould the mixture into balls, and then boil the balls in with stock into soup. Because of the red and yellow color, the meatballs look like the flower balls, and the balls in container just like taking a bath, that is the diversion of its name.

Taste features: Because of its bright color, clear soup, fresh and tender flavor and nutritious, the dish is the famous soup of official banquet.

Culture of the dish

Meatball Soup in Exquisite Shape is one of the Chang'an's official cuisines of Tang Dynasty. 

Li Xian, Emperor Zhongzong of Tang (656-710), who was invited to the Shaowei feast which hold by Wei Juyuan, brother in clan of Queen Wei, the Meatball Soup in Exquisite Shape is the last one of the 58 delicacies. The diversion was record in Qing Yi Lu, which was a novel written in classical Chinese by Tao Gu, it is considered an important note of a detailed record of cultural history and social history. 

It is rumored that at the end of the feast, the Emperor Zhongzong of Tang evaluated the fresh taste should be the symbolic of the leading families. and up to now, the Han Yuan Garden Hotel, Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel and some other hotels which inheriting the Shaanxi’s Official Cuisine has innovated and improved the dish, the soup today is much better in both shape and taste.