Shaanxi’s Minced Noodles won the championship of China Top Noodles

In the “China Top Noodles” contest initiated by the public number of National Humanity and History, Shaanxi’s Minced Noodles ranked the first with 50,387 votes ahead of dozen kinds of noodles.

A bowl of authentic minced noodles must be thin, chewy, smooth, fried, watery, oily, sour, spicy and appetizing. In other words, the noodles should be as thin as paper, flexible, chewy and smooth. The soup should be hot, covered with hot oil. With less noodles and more soup, it tastes sour and spicy with unique flavor of minced sauce.

The legend has it that minced noodles began in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties more than 3,000 years ago. It has been passed down to this day and becomes not only feast dish on a major holiday or a treat for guests when they visit the house, but also a daily favorite snack.

With its unique taste and rich food and cultural connotation, Qishan Minced noodles is famed as “the Food of God” and the “living fossil” of Chinese noodles. Its production process has been listed as one of the first batch of intangible cultural heritage protection list of Shaanxi Province. Qishan county was awarded the title of the “Hometown of Chinese Minced Noodles” by the Chinese Cuisine Association. Now, minced noodles gradually comes out of Shaanxi and is greatly popular around the country, becoming a kind of “Chinese taste”.

In the Xiqi Folk Village, known as the “First Shaanxi Folk Village”, the folk cultural tourist activities to “eat Qishan Minced Noodles, live in a farmhouse, and experience the folk customs of Xiqi” are highly favored by tourists.