Shaanxi's Official Cuisine---Perfect Match of Pearl and Jade

Shaanxi's Official Cuisine flourished during the Han and Tang Dynasties in China and passed on to the present day.

When cooking Shaanxi’s Official Cuisine, each dish has its unique style and flavor. The wares of dishes are luxurious and elegant. Each dish is more a work of art than a delicacy, behind which is the rich history and culture.

Due to its broad and profound cultural connotation, Shaanxi’s Official Cuisine is included in the list of Shaanxi’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

A combination of two dishes, “Polished Glutinous Rice and Lotus Seeds” and “Steamed Pork with Fermented Glutinous Rice Dregs”, the Perfect Match of Pearl and Jade has become an excellent dish in the collection of Shaanxi Official Cuisine. This dish is a harmonious blending of flavors of liquor, meat, dates, glutinous rice and lotus seeds, soft and sweet, delicious and tasting. After a taste, Mr. He Jinming, the former President of Shaanxi Sanqin Culture Research Association, highly praised: “The perfect match indeed!” and named the dish as Zhu (literally Pearl, same pronunciation with pork) Lian (lotus) Bi (jade) He (match), thus the English name of Perfect Match of Pearl and Jade.

The main ingredients of the dish include: pork belly, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, northern Shaanxi dates, fermented glutinous rice dregs, sugar, salt, etc..

Culture of the Dish

The interpretation of the term “Perfect Match of Pearl and Jade”:

It is an idiom in the Chinese language, meaning that the pearls are linked together and the beautiful jades are combined together, a metaphor for gathering of outstanding talents or beautiful things. Bi, flat and round jade with a hole in the center.

Source of the idiom: the Book of Han, the first historical chronicle with a series of biographies in China, compiled by the Chinese historian Ban Gu, born in Anling of Fufeng, present Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, in East Han Dynasty (AD 32-AD 92).