Shannxi aristocrat cuisine - Three-Skin Slice

Shannxi aristocrat cuisine, flourished in China's Han and Tang Dynasties, handed down so far.

As for the production of Shaanxi aristocrat cuisine dishes, it stresses "one shape for one dish, one taste for one shape"; the containers of the dishes are luxurious and elegant; every dish is not only a delicacy, but also a work of art. Behind it is the deep background of historical and cultural heritage. 

Because of its profound cultural connotation, Shaanxi aristocrat cuisine is included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of Shaanxi Province.

Three-Skin Slice:

This is a Chang'an traditional dish evolved from the "Sheepskin Filament" listed in the menu of "Burning Tail Feast" of Wei Juyuan in the Tang Dynasty. Mix three kinds of major materials chicken skin, cooked pigskin and jellyfish skin together, add in seasonings, and serve. The finished dish features tenacious, fresh and crispy, refreshing for mouth, really a good snack to go with wine with unique flavor. It's good for spleen and stomach, and has the effect of slimming, conditioning osteoporosis, conditioning anemia and conditioning constipation. It is now one of the signature dishes of the Tang Chancellor Bo's Hotel in Xi'an with the name of “Xiangfu Three-Skin Slice".

Story about the dish:

During the midterm of China's Tang Dynasty (766-835), there were three  treacherous court officials in the capital, Chang'an, namely Supervisory Censor Li Song, Supervisory Censor Li Quanjian and Court Censor Wang Xu, the common people called them Red-patch Leopard, White-chinned Leopard and Black Leopard. The three wicked guys did all kinds of evil and the people were boiling with resentment over their wickedness. To vent the anger, an appetizer dish called "Peel off leopard skin" which was composited by jellyfish skin (light red), pigskin (white) and black-bone chicken skin (black) appeared in the taverns and restaurants of Chang’an and quickly prevailed in folk. The three treacherous court officials killed the inventor of the dish Mr. Lv. Once again, the public's grievances were strongly demonstrated. Numerous of large and small restaurants and taverns in the city of Chang'an introduced similar dishes in accordance with the recipe of "Peel off Leopard Skin" made by Mr. Lv. and the dish got an even louder name:"Three-Skin Slice".