Folk arts and crafts of steamed delicacies: Shaanxi Steamed Bread

Shaanxi's steamed bread, also known as “ceremonially steamed crispy bread”, is a part of a folk custom in Shaanxi. It is famous for its exquisite recipe, rich ingredients, vivid shape, and profound taste. It has been honored with the title of “steamed arts and crafts which can be eaten”.

Shaanxi’s steamed bread is also a representative of Chinese dough sculpting arts. Such culinary arts and crafts are an essential component of traditional Chinese Spring Festival and local wedding ceremonies. The decorations on these traditional mouthwatering delicacies include flowers, birds, fish, insects, butterflies, vegetables, and fruits, which stand as a memorial of ancient traditions, blessing to the old and yearning for a new happy life. Usually, Zaohua Steamed Bread is made during the Chinese Spring Festival. It symbolizes happiness and longevity.

Steamed bread is not just an eatable item, but also a work of art!