Royal Noodle of Binxian County, Shaanxi Cuisine among Royal Tributes

Royal Noodle is a type of cooked wheaten food of special favor from Binxian County in Shaanxi Province. It is called “Jade Noodle” since it looks as bright as jade, it is called “Silted Noodle” due to its cooking method and it is also called “Royal Noodle” for it was a royal tribute. 

According to legend, Royal Noodle was a creation of Lady Jiang, wife of King Tai of Zhou (95 B.C. ~ 9 B.C.), the founder of the Zhou Dynasty. During Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties, the Royal Noodle of Binxian Country was always served for palace. In 1900, Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu specially went to taste the Royal Noodle when they arrived at Xi’an.