Hanzhong Rice Sheet Jelly

Hanzhong Rice Sheet Jelly is a famous special snack in Hanzhong, Shaanxi. The sheet jelly is mainly made of rice. The rice sheet jelly is tender and stretchy, just like a strap, hence the name. Hanzhong Rice Sheet Jelly tastes tender, glutinous, appetizing and spicy. The cooked sheet jelly is very tender and glutinous because it is made of rice.

The favorite breakfast of Hanzhong people is rice sheet jelly matching vegetable tofu. Soak the rice before grinding. Add water to it moderately. Steam it in the form of slice. Cut it into strips after cooling. It is white, thin, smooth, tender, slender, soft, glutinous and appetizing. Then, add dressings, such as bean sprout, spinach, carrot strips, sesame paste, capsicol, garlic juice/ginger juice, mustard, five spice powder, and refined salt. The cold and dressed rice sheet jelly is red, green, yellow and white in color. It is tasty, refreshing and flavorsome.

In addition to cold sheet jelly, it can be cut into slices, dried in the sun and get deep-fried. It is so snow-white, bright and appetizing that it can compare favorably with prawn slices. Moreover, it can be stir-fried and braised. The “Manufacturing Skill for Hanzhong Rice Sheet Jelly” was included in the “List for the Third Batch of Shaanxi Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2011.