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Yulin –“important town of nine garrisons” for guarding the Silk Road

Yulin is a very famous historical and cultural city at the national level. It is located in the northernmost of Shaanxi Province. Since ancient times, it has been the place that everybody waged war for and peoples of different nationalities traded with one another. From Shangjun of Qin Dynasty to Xiazhou, Yinzhou, Linzhou, Fuzhou, Suizhou of Tang Dynasty, from Meng Tian and Li Guang to Weichi Jingde, the Yang warriors, Yulin as “important town of nine garrisons” has always provided solemn and stirring epics about its guardians. What it has been guarding is the prosperity of the Silk Road for thousands of years!

Here, tourists can see the ancient city of Yulin as “Liu Lou Qi Jie,” and Zhen Bei Tai as “The first Platform of the Great Wall,” and they can also appreciate Red Rock Canyon – the Great Wall calligraphy treasure-house, and have a taste of tofu feast, cooked chopped entrails of sheep, Pin San Xian and other special snacks. 

Traffic: Yulin Yuyang Airport, Yulin Railway Station

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