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Hanzhong Liping Geopark granted the title of National Geopark

The Shaanxi Hanzhong Liping Geopark is located in the southwestern part of Nanzheng County in Hanzhong City. It is situated in the south of Micang Mountain, the western part of Daba Mountain. Covering a total area of 72.63 km2, it consists of Huangyang River, Shima Mountain and Liping. In February 2018, it was listed in the eighth batch of national geoparks by the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Liping is a national AAAA-grade Scenic Area, which is a mountain-type forest park integrating mountain, water, forest, climatic views, idyllic and cultural sights and geological wonders, especially geological wonders including the Chinese Longshan, Shima Mountain, and Xiliu River Canyon, which are very representative.

The geopark is dominated by Karst geomorphic landscape such as stony buds, karren and Karst caves with peculiar forms that are developed in the red mesh-pattern marl of the Ordovician Baota Formation and important ancient fossils such as the Chinese Sinoceras, compounded with Karst landforms of Permian Karst peak forest, corrosion land, corrosion funnel, stone sheep, etc., and geomorphic landscapes such as multi-level waterfalls, canyon, cliffs, stone pool, and pothole. and the red Karst landform is typical and rare, and currently kept natural, which has high value for aestheticism and appreciation due to systematic and complete forming process and landscape phenomena.

As the most representative geological wonder of the Liping Scenic Area, Chinese Longshan Mountain was opened to the outside world in 2010. The entire mountain is gully-scattered, whose reddish-brown rocks are evenly covered with dragon scale patterns in the surface. Ancient fossils such as Chinese Sinoceras and Sea Lilies can be seen everywhere. Industrial experts believe that the geological wonder was formed in the late Ordovician period from 420 to 468 million years ago, with extremely prominent scientific and ornamental values.

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