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Spectacular, dangerous, wild, beautiful, quiet - Nangong Mountain National Forest Park

Nangong Mountain National Forest Park, situated in Langao County, Ankang City of Shaanxi Province, consists of five scenic area: Er Lang Ping, Jin Ding, Huo Shan Shi, Gao Shan Li, and Lian Hua Zhai. The Park is renowned for the body of an enlightened monk - Master Hongyi, trails of Paleozoic volcano eruptions, remains of Quaternary glaciers and primitive secondary forest.

In 1126, the second year of the reign of Emperor Song Qinzong of the Song Dynasty, a Taoist temple was first built on Nangong Mountain, which grew into a Buddhist resort during the Qing Dynasty. On July 2, 1820, or the 25th year of the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty according to the lunar calendar, Hongyi, the enlightened monk, passed away seated in a lotus pot at the Golden Top of the Nangong Mountain, adding a touch of mystery to the mountain.

A spectacular, dangerous, wild, beautiful and quiet place with a huge variety of scenery, Nangong Mountain is worthy of both sightseeing and scientific research. 

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