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Mount Hua Scenic Spot -- somewhere you must visit on the Yellow River Tourism Belt

Situated within the boundaries of Huayin City, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and 120 kilometers away from Xi'an City, the Mount Hua Scenic Spot enjoys a great reputation in China and even in the world, having long been referred to in China as the "Most Perilous Mountain under Heaven."

Mount Hua (2,154.9 meters above sea level) is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. According to Zhang Taiyan, a scholar during the Qing Dynasty, some Chinese phrases like "中华" and "华夏" came into being because of Mount Hua. Mount Hua is one of the 9 most famous sites to see the sunrise in China. The eastern peak of Mount Hua, which is also known as Chaoyang Peak, is the place to which anyone wanting to see the most spectacular sunrise on Mount Hua should go, where a spot called Chaoyang Terrace offers the best views of the sun at sunrise. At the Mount Hua Scenic Spot, there are over 210 sights, including the Suspended Planking Road, which is erected as a lofty structure suspended in the air, the Somersault Place, which is attached to the mountain on one of its 4 sides, and other attractions cut out of steep cliffs and precipices like 1,000-Chi Dong, 100-Chi Canyon, and Lao Jun Li Gou. In fact, Hua Yue Fairy Palms is listed as the first of the top 8 sights in the central Shaanxi plain.

Mount Hua is essentially a huge block of granite, which dates to 120 million years ago. According to the "Classic of Mountains and Rivers," "Mount Hua, cut into a square block, is 5,000-ren high and 5-kilometer long and wide."

Mount Hua was visited by many famous figures in human history, and as a result has left many stories and ancient sites. Since the Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, literary figures of historical significance like Li Bai and Du Fu wrote thousands of poems, inscribed records, and travel notes in praise of Mount Hua, including over a thousand carved inscriptions.

As one of the earliest major scenic spots to be approved by the state, the Mount Hua Scenic Spot is rated as a national AAAAA scenic spot; Mount Hua is the west one of the Five Sacred Mountains of China.

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