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Shaanxi's most appealing new attraction -- Kunming Pond · Qixi Park

Kunming Pond was dug in 120 B.C. as China's first artificial storage project. Now Kunming Pond · Qixi Park built on the original site has opened to tourists.

Kunming Pond · Qixi Park is located in the central section of the north bank of Doumen Reservoir (Kunming Pond), Fengdong New City, Xixian New Area, Xi'an. With an area of more than 2,255-mu, a water area of 707-mu and a landscape area of 1,548-mu, it is called "Qixi Park" due to the legend of a cowherd and a weaver girl and longstanding local Qixi culture.

According to the Shaanxi sub-list of the newly-released 2017 China Tourist Attraction List, Kunming Pond · Qixi Park was named "the Most Appealing New Attraction of the Year".

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