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International friends tour Taibai Mountain under guidance of mayor of Baoji

On June 6, on the sidelines of Taibai Mountain - Qinling Mountains Forum, led by Hui Jincai, mayor of Baoji, more than 100 experts and scholars from a dozen organizations and countries such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, Austria, Brazil, Japan, the UK, Pakistan, New Zealand and France made the ascent of Taibai Mountain, the main peak of Qinling Mountains, to experience the beauty of great Qinling Mountains.

Paul Jane, Vice President of Parks and Leisure Australia, voiced the feelings of all international friends, "Taibai Mountain is a good place worth touring with beautiful scenery, well-preserved natural ecology and rich Chinese traditional culture. If there is a chance, I will bring my family here for the beautiful scenery and the charm of Chinese culture." 

Taibai Mountain, a national 5A tourist attraction, is China's highest national forest park with its elevation rising from 620 meters and 3,511 meters.

Take Bus U2 or a special tour bus to Taibai Mountain on East Square of Xi'an Railway Station.

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