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“Clear Streams of Waterfall” Appeared at Hukou Waterfall

With the influence of lack of water from the upstream of the Yellow River and the precipitation of sediments, the flow velocity of the river has slowed down. However, a few days ago, the water of Hukou Waterfall turned clear, showing a scene of “clear streams of waterfall,” which was different from everyday.

Hukou Waterfall Scenic Spot at the Yellow River is a national AAAA tourist attraction, which is centered on Hukou Waterfall. The streams of Hukou Waterfall in different seasons, at different times, and in different forms are changeable in a stunning fashion, so as to form strange, rare, magnificent scenery. 

Hukou Township, Yichuan County, Yan’an, Shaanxi Province 

Special buses from Xi’an to Hukou at Xi’an Cheng Dong Ke Yun Zhan
Special buses from Yan’an South Bus Station to Hukou scenic spot

Drive along Yan’an – Hukou Special Tourist Line to arrive in Hukou for altogether 124km. 

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