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Yulin Red Rock Gorge

Located 3 kilometers away from the north of the city of Yulin, the Red Rock Gorge is famous for its strange mountain peaks, beautiful waters, grottoes, ancient temples, dazzling inscriptions on precipices, and military fortresses of a long history. It has very high historical, cultural, scientific, and social values, making it a Shaanxi provincial cultural relics protection unit.  
The Red Rock Gorge is about 350 meters in length. The east cliff of the Gorge is about 11.5 meters high, while the west one is 13 meters high. The east cliff faces off the west cliff, both being high, steep, and majestic. The east cliff has Xiongshan Temple, while the west cliff has stones carved with calligraphy. On both shores, pavilions, platforms, storied buildings, and towers face one another, with small and big grottoes and Buddhist temples connected to one another. Originally, both precipices have 44 grottoes. and more than 30 of them exist. There were about 200 stone-carved clay sculptures and copper figures of Buddha inside the grottoes, but they were all destroyed during the war times. 
The inscriptions on the precipices of the Red Rock Gorge constitute the biggest treasure house of stone-carved calligraphy in northern Shaanxi. The east and west cliffs had 164 inscriptions, of which 35 were inscriptions on tablets and 16 were literary inscriptions inside the grottoes. But only over 120 inscriptions exist today. 
If you like to visit the Red Rock Gorge, you can also go to Zhenbei Beacon Tower. It only takes more than ten minutes by foot to travel between these two scenic spots.

Attached is a brief introduction of Zhenbei Beacon Tower. Zhenbei Beacon Tower is one of the grandest and the most majestic structure among the Great Wall ruins of the Ming Dynasty. It is one of the biggest existing fortresses along the ancient Great Wall and is a very important part of the Great Wall. 

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