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Tongchuan Large Xiangshan Temple

The building of Large Xiangshan Temple started from 351—384 A.D. during the period of the former Qin. Ever since then, the temple has lasted for more than 1,600 years. It is not only one of the three great temples in Shaanxi Province but also one of the earliest Buddhist sanctuaries in China. The world-famous Traveling amid Mountains and Streams by Fan Kuan, No. 1 “Masterpiece” painting of the Song Dynasty, was originated from this place.  

According to legend, Princess Miaoshan cultivated her moral characters and became a Buddha in this temple (i.e. thousand-arm and thousand-eye Guan Yin). On the mountains are built Temple of Baique, Dragon Spring Temple, Holy Berry Courtyard, Cave of Strange Peaks, Zhundi Monastery, Yongshan Hall, Yunya Temple and other such Buddhist architectural clusters, thus called “the Great Eight Jungles.”

Location: Miaowan Town, Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi 

Traffic: It will be reachable by bus from Yao County.

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