Theme Events

A Wave of Visit to Shanxi Sweeps across Hong Kong and Macau

Both Hong Kong and Macau constitute the base of Shanxi’s foreign tourism market. The Department of Culture and Tourism lunched Cultural Shanxi (Hong Kong) Tourists’ Awareness, Cultural Shanxi (Hong Kong) Tourism Promotion and Cultural Shanxi (Macau) Tourism Promotion in Hong Kong and Macau on Nov. 13 – 16. 

In his speech, head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Shanxi Province Ren Zongzhe announced that Year 2017 witnessed 438,600 tourists from Hong Kong, a year-on-year increase by 10.8%, and 260,200 tourists from Macau, a year-on-year one by 7.18%. The first three quarters witnessed 523,542,100 tourists, both domestic and foreign, a year-on-year increase by 21.86%.