Theme Events

The Terracotta Warriors Cross-dressing Show was held in New York's Times Square, USA

On October 12, New York time, the Terracotta Warriors Cross-dressing Show was held in New York's Times Square.

During the activity, many New York citizens were thrilled to try on the military figurines and put on the armor jacket. They could not wait to use mobile phones to freeze this moment, upload them to the social network, and repeatedly sigh "It's great."

Nearly 100 people participated in the dressing-up activities, and nearly 500 people received Shaanxi tourism brochures and special gifts. The number of fans in the Facebook account of Shaanxi Tourism increased more than 20 thousand in a week because of the event. The notes on the event site also received the attention and comment of fans from all over the world. They said they wanted to become a member of the terracotta army.

One month before the event began, Eventbrite, a well-known online activity platform in the United States, released the event information exclusively, attracting a large number of American netizens to sign up for the event.

The event was a continuation of the Mr. Bing travelogue series.

"Mr. Bing Travelogue" is a promotional video taken by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission in 2018. In the film, a Terracotta Army warrior claiming to be Mr. Bing started a wonderful journey in Xi'an and Shaanxi with foreign girls. 

On the scene, the video was shown continuously. Mr. Bing communicated with the cross dressers by online video links, shared his experience, and sincerely invited American citizens to visit Shaanxi. 

The terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Dynasty were great discoveries in the archaeological history of the 20th century.

Thousands of terra cotta warriors and horses, with distinguished expressions, face shapes, bodies, and so on, so delicate and lifelike, once found, shocked the whole world.

Every year, more than one million foreign tourists come to Shaanxi to see the terracotta warriors and horses. Terracotta Army has also become one of the symbols of China.