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A thousand British tourists tour Shaanxi, enjoy welcoming ceremonies in a dreamlike return to the Great Tang

On the evening of September 12, 2018, a grand ceremony called "Tang-styled Welcome Ceremony for a Thousand British Tourists Entering Xi'an City" was held at the south gate of the Fortifications of Xi'an. As part of the ceremony, a large-scale performance titled "Guests Come to the Great Tang" was given to let the tourists from overseas appreciate the songs and music from the Tang Dynasty in its heyday.

In September 2018, Shaanxi welcomed a thousand British tourists as the China-Europe Tourism Year got under way.

At the site of the ceremony, the British tourists, when asked by journalists how they felt about Xi'an, gave these replies: "Xi'an is a very beautiful, very special city," "I felt very excited during the ancient welcoming ceremonies," "This is the best performance I have ever seen," "I have seen the charm of Xi'an as a tourist city."

At present, Shaanxi, Beijing, and Shanghai are joining forces to build an international tourist hub, and have opened over 50 international scheduled flights. In the next 3 years, a total of over 100 scheduled flights will be opened.