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Gao Zhongyin meets ICCA Asia-Pacific President Ye Taimin for the Promotion of Award Tourism in Shaanxi

On Sep. 3, Asia Pacific Customer / Supplier Business Seminar of 2018 International Congress and Convention Association was held in Shaanxi Province. The director of Shaanxi Province Tourism Development Committee Gao Zhongyin met the ICCA Asia-Pacific President Ye Taimin. 

According to Gao Zhongyin, the annual seminar of ICCA held in Xi’an gave an impetus to award tourism in Shaanxi. Xi’an is appraised by international organizations in the sector as a preferred venue for award especially international conference and domestic meetings. The annual seminar held in such an ancient cultural city can be provided with a cultural atmosphere and various leisure time activities. Shaanxi Province Tourism Development Committee became a member of ICCA in 2016, and will continue to exchange with other enterprise members of ICCA, cooperating for win-win and promoting optimum tourism. 

According to Ye Taimin, it is for the first time that ICCA held a activity in Xi’an. In addition to tourism, Xi’an is also a developed city in textile and space industry. ICCA commits itself to international association meetings industry, which is an important channel for upgrading tourism, in addition to sight-seeing tourism. Let us bring the world people to Shaanxi and show a new Xi’an before them, which will create more opportunities and have more international conventions and exhibitions held in Xi’an.