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Media Reporters Encountered Most Beautiful Yellow River Scenery in Yulin

Located in Shaanxi Province, Yanhuang Sightseeing Road is a tourist road along the west bank of the Yellow River. It starts from Fugu County, Yulin City in the north, and ends at the foot of Huashan Mountain in Weinan City in the south, with a total length of 828.5 km. The Yulin section of the road is 415 km. 

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the opening of the Yanhuang Road, Shaanxi tourism media reporters encountered the most beautiful Yellow River scenery in Yulin. 

When they arrived in Wubu County, Yulin City, the 2nd Rafting China-Wubu Yellow River Grand Canyon International Rafting Championship for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Mao Zedong's eastward crossing of the Yellow River was going on. Thus, the reporters watched the international rafting on the Yellow River performed by competitors from home and abroad.

After leaving Wubu, the reporters entered Mutouyu, an ancient village. They walked through the twisty labyrinthian lanes and into the desolated ancient yards behind high walls. 

A cave dwelling, a stone mill, a door, or a window, could always attract their attention…

They enjoyed the  country-style meals in Nihegou Village, the "No.1 Red Date Village in the World", visited the ancient cave dwellings, listened to historical stories, and appreciated the rural beauty. 

The hospitable villagers greeted every visitor from afar with simple smiles and kind words with local accent. "Welcome!" "It will be better if you come around the National Day, when the red dates will be ripen." The warm words lingered around the reporters' ears.

On the way to Fugu, They passed the Mongol Han Heavenly Book, where the unique naturally-formed rock painting is written in Mongolian language. The miraculous scenery raised the reporters' amazement. The nature's magical workmanship added some splendor to the Yanhuang Road. 

After leaving the ancient city of Fuzhou, they went straight to the Lotus Hills. The natural landscape in the scenic spot was amazing…

Adjacent to the Lotus Hill, the First Bay of Yellow River entering Shaanxi was extremely spectacular. 

In Yulin, the reporters appreciated the wonderful scenery out of the Great Wall, felt the loess culture, watched unique natural beauty along the Yellow River, and encountered the most beautiful customs. Welcome overseas tourists to Shaanxi! Here, you can drive along the Yanhuang Sightseeing Road and enjoy the most beautiful Yellow River scenery.