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All Media Joint Conference on All-for-One Tourism focuses on Shaanxi's all-for-one tourism

On July 18, the All Media Joint Conference on All-for-One Tourism took place in Xi'an where the Silk Road started, with the participation of 100 mainstream media outlets from 18 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Gao Zhongyin, Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission (SXPTDC) delivered an address. The conference is an urgent need of the tourism system to build Xi'an into an international tourism hub and first-class cultural tourism center, as well as a vivid practice of showcasing Shaanxi's all-for-one tourism.

Over the next few days, member entities of the conference will travel across Shaanxi in four groups, to experience the charm of Shaanxi's all-for-one tourism.

Travel lines of all media reporters:
  • East: Xi'an-Terracotta Warriors-Huaqing Pool-Mount Hua-Xi'an
  • West: Xi'an-Yuanjia Village-Famen Temple-Mount Taibai-Xi'an
  • South: City Wall-Mount Cuihua-Guanzhong Folk Art Museum-Bailuyuan Studios
  • North: Xi'an-Zhaojin-Yan'an-Liangjiahe-Xi'an