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Media Interview Team of “Voice of Shaanxi, Via Which We Communicate with the World” Visit Huashan Mountain and Experience the ‘Heaven Way’

The media interview team of “Voice of Shaanxi, Via Which We Communicate with the World” visited Huashan Mountain scenic spot on June 15 and interviewed the constructors and administrators of the West Peak Cableway. In addition, they experienced and marveled at the “Heaven Way” of Huashan Mountain.

Constructed and operated by Shaanxi Taihua Tourist Cableway and Road Co., Ltd., the West Peak Cableway of Huashan Mountain is the world’s first single-line circular detachable cableway that features chamber stations in excavated precipices, up-and-down routes, and intermediate stations.

The entire cableway security and operation system uses the most sophisticated cableway technologies together with an excellent automatic digital control system. Its base station is located at Donggoukou in Weng Valley, while its middle station rests at Baique Temple in Xian Valley. Meanwhile, the cableway’s summit station is inside the cliff chamber below the south side of Julingzu at the West Peak of Huashan Mountain. Moreover, its relative elevation is 894 meters. It boasts a top speed of 6 meters/second and a one-way passenger-carrying capacity of 1,500 people per hour.

Located in the city of Huayin in Weinan, Shaanxi, Huashan Mountain is one of the Five Great Mountains of China and a national AAAAA scenic spot. With an altitude of 2,082 meters, West Peak is one of Huashan’s most beautiful and precipitous peaks.