Theme Events

Dialogue of Qinling Mountain with Yellow River

“The Dialogue of Qinling Mountain with the Yellow River”, a large-scale public welfare communication event for the year 2018, was held in Kun Ming Chi, Xian at the occasion of China Tourism Day on May 19. The event was themed as “Sashay in Mountains and River, Enjoy a Poetic Life”. Well-known personalities from home and abroad talked about the cultures surrounding Qinling Mountains and the Yellow River. They also discussed the developmental prospects of mountain and river tourism through a cross-field interaction.

About 30 dignitaries from out of the field took part in the event. They included representative scholars and celebrities, including Francisco Frangialli, honorary secretary-general of the UN World Tourism Organization; Bai Lesang, famous European Sinologist; Mei Bi Na, executive chairman of Italy Belt and Road Office; Gore, adviser to the president of Armenia and director of the Confucius Institute; and Zheng Xinmiao, former president of the Palace Museum.

The event featured conversations besides the lake, boating, networked live broadcast, and interaction between experts and scholars from China and abroad. 

Moreover, more than 205,000 domestic and international viewers watched the live broadcast of the event and participated in topic-based interactions. All in all, the broadcasting station covered more than 10 million viewers. “The Dialogue of Qinling Mountain with the Yellow River” has emerged as the most representative theme of tourism promotion in 2018.

“The Dialogue of Qinling Mountain with the Yellow River” is held on May 19 each year. It has been held successfully for five years, and this was its sixth edition.